abril 30, 2010

so many lovers - short introduction for lucky and hopeful youth

Just the way it is. Just between you and me. Lovers, lovers and dreamers. Hope that this feeling could last an eternity. Hope that you could love me for the infinity time. And if I can't explain why I am here, I am sure you can give more than just reasons. I can't buy the future, I can't threaten the curses, I can't make predictions without fake details. I can say today, here I am. And I will try to be there forever. Cause at this way I feel better than any other place, any other time ... and any other me.

Take me to no where. Take me to everywhere. I don't care, as long as is with you. I just need to breath your air, to walk your line, to be your left hand, Oh. I can die if I'm not living by your side. However, I can't die if I see everything else crumbling, but you are here. No pain, no fear... just love. Lovers as dreamers. Dreaming as lovers. I can't tell the difference. But we are dreaming, for sure. And we are loving without a doubt.