febrero 23, 2010

gap diaries II

... while listening to Queen of the Surface Streets - DeVotchKa

There are some times that one has to take everything that has and try to minimize all the pain and things that make bad feelings. Those times, which I spend the most, are just refreshing for everyone... should be a must do in life. Make a balance between the things that make you move on, and other that stuck you in the ground, and get rid of those that make you feel like a little and nasty plant.
Well, then. I start today a completely new life... without that stuff that got me stuck. Without that fool guy, without that family that just care about themselves... without anything that make me harm.
Friends, own future... music, cigarettes, maybe alcohol, and who knows what else... Finally I find the key of happiness and peace of mind... be yourself, anytime, anywhere, with anybody. Be whoever you wanna be, do whatever you wanna do... have an occupation to free your mind of bad thoughts and have a vacation to use your mind to think about next steps... be completely fan of your friends, enjoy. Travel, hang out, dance, sing, feel free...LIVE.

In other words, thank you dad for everything, but you are making my life with your new family a really disaster... enjoy with them... I don't want this. Good bye .