febrero 16, 2010

gap diaries I

... while I'm listening There she goes - The La's -

Hi. By now I'm going through a kind of special emotional and sentimental haziness that it's killing me. It's the sort of feeling that every woman has when a guy is joking with her. I don't mean laughing just because I don't wanna be that fucking looser that says "who laughs at last, laughs better." No, tnk u! But I feel that there are no many reasons to say, I will move on, meeting new people, have fun and have sex with a couple of them... it doesn't make any sense anymore. Wish life could be so much valued and not only a path of sexual survival. I planned so much more things for me during life... and now every thing is fallind down, just because of a "non-called boyfriend" who plays with you, a "dear-friend-lover" who is at a terrible distance from you, and what's more, a couple of friends that are playing with guys in the way they played with me... and I feel miserable, why can't I do that!?! If this world were more fairer, things would be more easier and logical .