enero 21, 2008

First love

You are the one that I always thinkin' bout
My first love that I made this song about
You know me well and you always make me feel
Like I'm the one and I know your love is real
I love it when you whisper in my ear
You say the sweetest things that I wanted to hear
I never thought I could feel this way
And when I leave you in the morning I think of you all day...

I feel so peaceful after we make love

I'll lay with you forever just like the sweetest joint
And the whole worlds around us stops and stares
It feels so good to fall asleep knowing that you are there
Come onYou make me feel so beautiful
It's like the sun is always shining when you are in control
You are my Mr. Mystery and
There's no way I can explain the way that you make me feel
And when you left me out this day
I though you will come back anyway
Ya don't?, ya don't?, ya don't?