diciembre 02, 2010

tricks of the trade

Was it love or recognition that has healed this man's condition? I'm hoping and I'm wishing that this bird won't fly away. We can see life hand in hand, the green, the blue, the rough, the sand, and in our time and in our land, we'll savor everyday.

And oh, how our glory may fade, well, at least we've learned some things along the way.

You took me from my bubble knowing my defense was weak, and you sat there and you listened any time I chose to speak. You gathered from my pleas to you that I am but a clown. No fear, only a hero can defeat these demons now.
And oh, how our glory may fade, fade, well at least we've learned some tricks of trade.
And as time shall inevitably move on, hh well, at least we'll have four strong legs to stand on to keep us alive...

Hacía tanto que no escuchaba una letra tan linda.