marzo 03, 2010

gap diaries III

...while listening to Mr. Blue Sky (cover) - Lily Allen

Sometimes it feels so fine to remember that you had a life out of this one. I spent four glorious months in USA with the most amazing people around the world. And I know it's been a long time since I came back, but still talking with them give me some mental peace that I thought lost. I know that at any moment I can close my eyes and remember every detail of those spectacular days when the snow and the kindness were just natural and normal pieces of life. It's good to know that somewhere else somebody is thinking about you... and maybe with a little bit of luck and hope, you will be able to see them again, in any other place.
By now, I can't stand some regular and specific behavior of humanity in my place. So, to clear up any bad thought I start to think about anyone else who is not from here and spent just a little moment with me. I appreciate them, and will be thankful for eternity.

So I close my eyes... and imagine myself running in the snow, being followed... taking care of those special details and trying to never forget where I was, who I am... and who I want to be.