enero 12, 2009

Still remember all her stuff, the last meeting and her crazy laugher.
She ended with her last cigarette in the rest of that awful coffee
Her scent what so pleasing, I have already it in my mind.
I know I won't see her again, but she's the woman of my life.
It sounds so pretty to have a day more with her,
don't care about time, don't care about persistence.
Recieve all her calls to give them back
be such a lucky guy just to stay by her side.
Someone was talking about her one night
and it freaked me aout thinking she was close to me
I do not believe in chances or possibilities
but I'm looking to find her someday.
This looks so weird, two years now and I've you in my mind.
This looks so cruel, two years now and I think about your love.
Just watching the world goes by
everything in these rhymes make me realised
that it's not possible to get her again.
I must play another lucky card.